Fetish In London Foot Worship

Do your feet get excited doing london foot fetish

ustry , they have taken out the Sifeet Pussy Foot, a rather surreal object, consisting of a silicone foot with a vagina in the middle of its plant.

Psychological explanation

Several theories have been considered on the psychological background of this fetishism . Freud said that, in many cultures, the child’s experience with his mother may involve foot worship.

If this leaves a mark on sexual behavior, you can transform this part of the body into an erotic reference, because it is also the first thing that the child’s child sees, when he begins to walk. Jung said, however, that the foot was the symbol of the soul because it is what sustains the erect human being.

The Indian neurologist, Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, argues that the genitals and the foot occupy contiguous areas in the somatic-sensory cortex, possibly causing unconscious links between them.

There are also those who maintain that the shape of the foot, with its numerous curves, is similar to that of the female hips. Not forgetting that sex and feet occupy the same visual field during sexual intercourse , when the legs are raised. And you, are your feet excited?

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