Fetish In London Foot Worship

Fetish Female And Male Feet. What Is Foot Fetish And What People Have Admitted To It?

Women’s foot fetish is considered the most common male fetish. However, he does not bypass women, and the male foot fetish is not uncommon. Foot fetish can look different – so what is it and what behavior most often accompanies it? Is it foot worship london!

Fetishes take various forms. Some of them are considered to add flavor, others make you laugh, and others disgust or fear. The most popular is foot fetish , otherwise known as podophilia. General translation indicates that it is associated with enjoying pleasure through contact with the partner’s feet. 

However, what can be slightly different if the foot worship london is associated with wearing specific footwear or tights. Unless a foot fetish disturbs another person, it’s not considered harmful. Women ‘s foot fetish is far less common than men’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s something that only applies to men.

What is a foot fetish?

When considering what a foot fetish is , you must first explain what a fetish is. The word itself first appeared in use in the 15th century, when the Portuguese wanted to discover the importance of talismans among conquered peoples. In this sense, fetish or foot worship london is something mysterious and magical.

Currently, it is mainly associated with the sexual sphere and desire. A fetish can be a specific body part, object or situation. It’s always something that is not directly related to sex. What is a foot fetish? In this case, it is about different behaviors and caresses related to the feet, the view of which can be stimulating. 

Most often we deal with a female foot fetish, but male foot fetish also exists and although it is not talked about too often, it is not uncommon. However, this is one of the fetishes characteristic of men who simply adore women’s feet. It happens that the appearance of the foot determines the choice of this and not another woman to be a partner.

Fetish male and female feet – differences

Depending on the fetish’s preferences, foot fetish can be associated with watching, touching, kissing or sucking. Men with a fetish of female feet often like when their partner walks with her bare foot over their body or even walks on it.

The male foot fetish often involves the toes themselves. They are sucked, licked and caressed like a penis by women. If in a relationship the foot fetish mainly warms up the atmosphere in the bedroom, there is no need to worry or interfere. However, when the foot fetish goes insane and becomes an obsession, then a visit to a sexologist or psychiatrist is advisable.

Foot fetish of famous personalities

Foot fetish is common in society, especially among men. For fetish feet admitted many celebrities. These are Elvis Presley, Jack Black, Andy Warhol and Quentin Tarantino. However, women also openly talk about foot fetish , and among celebrities, Britney Spears did, among others. It turns out that the feet are exciting to many people, although not everyone talks about it loudly.

Foot fetish and other fetishes

According to psychologists, a foot fetish can coexist with a high-heel shoe fetish. Gentlemen often admit to foot fetish in tights . It can be exciting for them to see their feet in tights, caress or sniff them. The fetish of women’s feet often determines the selection of a partner, which means that only ladies with appropriate feet are considered. 

Men look at women’s feet and their shape. For some, bony feet are perfect, for others plump. The size or size of the fingers is also perceived differently.

The fetish of women’s feet combined with the need to put on high-heeled shoes is often associated with the fact that the whole figure takes on clearer shapes. Men emphasize high heels, slim legs and expose hips and breasts. 

In the case where foot fetish is associated with tights and shoes, it happens that men buy used clothing. Then they sniff them to smell the feet. This expenditure is quite large, and the one-time purchase of a pair of tights is about 1000 zlotys.

Foot fetish – is there a perfect foot?

Considering how widespread foot fetish is, many scientists have undertaken the task of specifying what type of foot is the ideal and most exciting for men. The results showed that the desired size is number 38. It is best if the shoes were high heels 7.5 cm high. Foot fetish requires that you see your toes, so the heels must necessarily take into account this need, and the ideal is missing only red nail polish. 

Half of the respondents confessed to the fetish of female feet , and most of them emphasized the above features. Famous women who are considered ideals when it comes to feet are Victoria Beckham and Sophia Loren, for example.

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