A person who is lucky enough to devote his life to worshiping his mistress’ feet. he lives only to serve her feet.


Foot Worship

To worship one’s feet, But the feet must be deserved to be worshiped. i.e a rich woman deserves to have her feet worshiped as she is better than us. only mistresses can have the feet worshiped


Ways to Explore a Foot Fetish

Lick these boots, slave

In a good leather bar, it’s not uncommon to see someone on all fours, licking a set of shiny leather boots. The smell of wax and polish can be a big turn-on for boot lickers. As with any sex act, you must always ask before licking someone’s boots, but asking is part of the eroticism.

Deliver a good foot massage

Erotic foot massages are a great place to start. Feet are filled with nerve endings, and with the addition of massage oil and lotion, a foot massage can be anything from relaxing to very erotic. If this is your first foray into exploring your foot fetish with a sex partner, ask them if you can massage their feet and see how both respond to it.

Get your kicks with a sneaker fetish

Many people aroused by sneakers are turned on by their smell and the act of putting their nose and mouth in them. A common form of erotic degradation is when a dominant puts your mouth and nose in a used shoe and ties it around your head with bondage tape or bandage wrap, forming a kind of muzzle.

Nothing beats that musky gym smell

It’s no secret that socks are sometimes used among kinky queer men to flash their hanky code colors. Red socks at a kink event is an indicator that someone is into fisting, while yellow socks show a fetish for piss play, and so on. This is a modern-day version of the classic gay hanky code, which was used in the ’70s and ’80s by gay men to wordlessly cruise.

Toeing the line of extreme anal penetration

Grab some slick silicone or oil-based lube and see how many toes your playmate can take. But first, grab clippers and a nail file. Nails must be trimmed and filed down as close to the skin as possible before attempting anal play with toes.

Remember, your feet are not as dextrous as your hands, and the skin on the bottom of the feet is thicker, meaning you will be less aware of the feeling of their ass as you would be if you were fingering them, so use caution and listen to your partner.

Get on your knees and worship.

Foot worship is the gold-standard sex play for foot lovers. Judas, a friend and fellow kinky sex worker, has ample experience in this area.


Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishes, But Were Afraid to Ask

When it comes to sexual attraction, we all have our own specific things that turn us on. For some, a good sense of humor does the trick, while others are all about physical chemistry. Others still have more specific turn-ons, including feet. This attraction is called a foot fetish, and to answer some common questions about it, Allure spoke with some men who proudly have foot fetishes and professional dominatrixes. They have plenty of interesting things to say about our southern-most appendages, from explaining the whole spectrum of foot fetishes to the reason for all the foot love in the first place.


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