Fetish In London Foot Worship

How Does A Foot Fetishist Experience Submission?

While it’s all about the love for some and foot fetishes are more about being submissive and may also involve humiliation. 

Are some foot fetishists intrigued by shoes?

In conjunction with an attraction to feet, many people with foot fetishes are also into shoes, socks, and stockings  anything that wraps around the foot. 

Though foot fetishes are sometimes thought of as taboo and those with them are often kink-shamed (especially those who lean toward the stinky, sweaty end of the spectrum described by Goddess Aviva), there’s another side to them many people don’t think about. You may relate to wanting to make your partner feel good by rubbing and massaging parts of their body, such as their feet, or are excited about the idea of dating someone who wishes to do this to you.

Foot fetishes are just another way to be vulnerable with another human being when you get down to it. We walk around on our feet, all day long, and they carry us through most of our lives, and we ought to give them more credit. The intimacy of getting close to such an important part of the body is precisely what arouses foot fetishists, especially those who are also submissive.

Explore forced feminization with high-heeled shoes

Forced feminization is a form of erotic degradation that many people get into — including me. Some submissives like being “forced” to wear panties, hosiery, and high-heeled shoes in kinky sexual situations — clothing typically associated with women and femmes. Some of us even like getting treated roughly, spanked, spat on, and erotically degraded when we’re dressed like this. For submissives and dominants with foot and shoe fetishes, a good pair of high heeled shoes can make your next session so much hotter.


5 Tips for Being a Good Foot Slave

Be Obedient

Before you begin your play, you and your dominant partner need to have a chat about your boundaries, what you’ll be doing, and the basics of the scene. This chat allows you to make sure you aren’t going to be doing anything you’re uncomfortable with doing. Once that is over, you’ll be expected to be obedient unless you negotiated some bratting and pushing of buttons ahead of time. Most dominant partners find themselves frustrated by a partner who acts out intentionally during a scene – unless that was negotiated ahead of time. You’ll be expected to be obedient and do as commanded during your scene. Of course, if the offending activity is actually outside of your discussions and boundaries, please speak up – and use your safeword if you need to as well! You should never be expected to do something that will cause you lasting damage – either mentally or physically.

Learn How to Give a Good Foot Massage

If you want to be around feet, why not learn how to give great foot massages? A good foot massage can be a serious pleasure to the feet-owner – and since you like being around feet anyway, why not make it great for everyone? Feet massages can take a bit to master, but with some good massage lotion, some time spent at the foot of a willing test subject, some YouTube videos, and some patience, you’ll find people asking you for the privilege of receiving one of your massages.

Kiss Their Feet and Lick Their Toes

One of the most popular forms of foot worship includes oral worship with your mouth. If that’s something you’re into and open to, consider adding it to your scene. Feet kisses and toe licking can feel extremely erotic – and can feel like a strong power exchange activity for everyone involved. Make sure to ask your dominant partner if they have any particular preferences for your oral worship.

Consider all the Risks before Letting them Stand on your Body

“Trampling”, or the act of standing on top of a bottom partner, is a pretty commonly-related activity to foot fetishism. It’s certainly not required to enjoy foot fetishism, but once you start practicing feet-related kinks, you’ll see this activity come up often. Don’t feel pressured into trying trampling if it’s not your kink, and make sure you do some research into the physical risks before you give this a try. In fact, I recommend asking your dominant partner to explain the risks to you to ensure they know the basics of safety before you engage in something like this.

Master Feet-Related Skills

We already talked about giving foot massages, but did you know that there’s more than just massaging that can be done? If you’d like to provide a service that gives you a chance to enjoy foot fetish time while also pleasuring your Master or Mistress, consider putting some time into learning how to give pedicures. Pedicures aren’t just painting toenails either! Pedicures include hard and soft exfoliation, care of the toenail beds, and lotioning the foot and the calves. All of that is just as important (and pleasurable!) on a male-bodied individual as a female-bodied individual. For the Mistresses out there (or the Masters as well!), you might consider taking it a step further and learning about painting toenails – including the proper technique, base coats and top coats, and more. Luckily, YouTube can be a fantastic resource for you!

Good Slaves Also Know How to Protect Themselves

All sexual fetishes – foot fetishism included – can be a blast. However, they can quickly turn from fun into “danger” if you aren’t careful – especially when it comes to trampling. Make sure you and your foot fetishism partner negotiate, discuss boundaries, discuss risks, and have a safe word before playing. This allows both parties to end the scene if anything dangerous or problematic comes up.

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