Bob Gimlin

Bob Gimlin was born October 18, 1931, in Missouri. Eventually he moved to Yakima, Washington, where he lives to this day. Gimlin was and still is a rancher who breaks in young horses--at the age of 86! He has lived an interesting life in and around the Yakima area.
Gimlin was there when Roger Patterson filmed the now famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film. Gimlin met Patterson between 1955 and 1959, and Patterson thrilled Gimlin with many stories and accounts of sightings. The two would go out on pre-expeditions in search of the creatures.
Patterson and Gimlin were in the Mount Saint Helens area in September 1967, when they received a message that there were Bigfoot tracks in the Six Rivers National Forest area in northwestern California. Patterson and Gimlin went down there, stayed for 3 weeks and filmed a Bigfoot. They also cast tracks of the creature.
A few years ago, he began to be invited to different conferences. He spoke briefly at the 2003 Willow Creek Bigfoot Symposium and was an honored guest there. He also spoke at the 2004 Crypto-Conference in Conroe, Texas. He appeared at the 2005 Bellingham conference and also the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries in June 2005. Bob continues to attend conferences to tell his story.
Recently Bob was honored at the 50th Anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin Film, held in October , 2017 in Willow Creek and Eureka, California. There was also a celebration of Bob's 86th birthday, with many of his friends. We are very pleased and fortunate to welcome Bob to Nebraska!
Cliff Barackman,
Finding Bigfoot

Cliff has been a dedicated  sasquatch field researcher for more than two decades. It was his dedication to the subject and his online presence that drew the attention of Discovery Communications, who later invited him to be a cast member on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot television series.  Both on and off camera, he has managed to gather data supporting the hypothesis that sasquatches are an undiscovered species of great ape that  walks bipedally and lives in North America. Though finding and documenting data is a goal of Cliff’s research, it is not the primary goal. As it turns out, the journey is just as rewarding as any destination!

 Craig Woolheater​​​​

Craig’s interest in Bigfoot began with the flap of sightings of the Lake Worth Monster during the summer of 1969 near his hometown of Fort Worth, TX. His interest broadened to all of Cryptozoology the next year upon reading author John Keel’s book “Strange Creatures From Time & Space.” He saw the drive in movie classic “The Legend of Boggy Creek” during its theatrical release several years later.

Fast forward to Memorial Day 1994, when he witnessed a large, hair-covered, bipedal figure amble along a rural Louisiana byway late that night. Now for him, Bigfoot wasn’t just a fictional creature, it had stepped into his reality.

Craig co-founded the Texas Bigfoot Research Center in 1999, investigating reported sightings of these creatures. He has organized the Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference since 2001, as well as co-curating two Bigfoot museum exhibits and speaker series.

Craig also co-founded the Cryptozoology blogsite Cryptomundo in 2005. He has appeared on or consulted for many television shows and feature films.

Daniel Perez
editor: Bigfoot Times & author of Bigfoot At Bluff Creek.

Daniel Perez became interested in the subject of Bigfoot around 1973 by way of the movie, The Legend Of Boggy Creek. This was the trigger which lead to casual to casually serious to serious full-fledged involvement in this subject matter. Around the same time he started collecting newspaper clippings on Bigfoot and saving them in a J.C. Penney shoe box. Today, Daniel Perez has the largest physical files in the world and his personal library on the matter is second to none, with autographed books from John Green, René Dahinden and Dr. Grover Krantz, his colleagues from that time period. He is the author of two noted works often cited in bibliographies of other books, namely Big Footnotes (1988) and the indispensable booklet, Bigfoot At Bluff Creek (1994 & 2003). Since January 1998 he has published a newsletter, Bigfoot Times  (www.bigfoottimes.net) and today the printed newsletter is the last of a genre. He is widely recognized as one of the go-to guys when it comes to the Patterson-Gimlin film from 1967. He is 54 and lives in southern California.

Robin Roberts & Roo​​
Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies​

Robin Roberts is an investigator for Sasquatch Investigations
of the Rockies.  She has spoken at several Bigfoot meetings
and school-aged classrooms.  She has combined her love of
children with her passion of Bigfoot with leading school-aged
children on an annual "Looking for Bigfoot" field trips since
2013 in Colorado.  Her happy place is camping in the middle of
nowhere in active Bigfoot locations.

Roo is Robin Roberts' hiking companion.  She goes on many investigations and
camps in a couple of active Bigfoot locations.  What is special about Roo is she is a rescue from a shelter.  She was covered in bite marks and you could see every bone in her body.  She was deathly afraid of everything.  Especially men.  She has learned to be a respectful camper and loves camping as much as Robin.  One active Bigfoot location is actually named after her.  Called Roo's Place.  You can read about it at Robin's blog:

Mike Johnson
Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies

Michael came to Colorado in 1977 from north of Salina, Kansas. He instantly fell in love with the mountains and Colorado, and
has spent countless days and nights exploring its majesty.
He got started in this endeavor in the 1990’s after finding 17″ footprints
in the snow at Rampart Range during Thanksgiving break.  
In the same location, Mike had a Class 1 Bigfoot sighting when he saw a male Sasquatch in person.  This sighting was investigated by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO).
Mike is very comfortable in the woods.  He hunts elk and pheasant, and is well adapted to search for the legendary creature in the remotest areas of Colorado, in all four seasons.
Mike is a Christian man, he is a husband, a father of three, and a proud grandfather.
He is very spiritual, whether it be his religion or his search for his Indian heritage.
He is a man’s man, who loves life, the outdoors, his friends and his family. He is painfully honest, which has been his biggest challenge in this field, much to his surprise. Mike is interested in both the scientific side and spiritual side of the Sasquatch Equation, which makes him a unique individual in the field today.

Rich Soule,

Nebraska Researcher,
Nox Gigas Study
Richard L. Soule is an Author and a Cryptid researcher of Sasquatch.  Richard is a member of the B.F.R.O and Rez Squatching Research, contributing to public and private expeditions in Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico and Montana. Richard has conducted research on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers with tributaries. His research includes peripheral Urban, Native American Reservations in addition to State/ Federal parks and Mountain regions.
Richard is the founder of the Nox Gigas Study “Night Giant” in Latin, a repository of his ongoing research. Highlights of his research include the “European Contagion Theory” linking disease contagions of early Europeans and there effects on the Sasquatch. The “Nox Gigas Theory” indentifies Karst habitat and Bigfoot sightings as they overlap! The connection of Giants of the past to their modern relative the Sasquatch. The  culmination of divergent evolutionary paths of light and darkness , Homo Sapient and Homo Ferus. His book the “Forest Signs of the Sasquatch” Nox Gigas (Lulu publishing 2015) is a field guide in the identification of Stick and Tree structures of Sasquatch.
 Richard L. Soule resides in Nebraska.

Harriett McFeely,
Cassie Ogg, 
& Tammy Lynne,
Nebraska Researchers

Hear interesting stories from the ladies who research sasquatch in Nebraska, and in the Midwest. Their expeditions and studies include habituation areas in Central Nebraska, and bigfoot sightings locations along the Missouri River.    

Cassie Ogg 

Squatch rockin' sweetheart of the Nebraska Bigfooters group, Cassie Ogg, became a horticulturalist in 2015 because of her love of the natural world and her life long research into the Wild People. Her theories on homo-sapien evolution based on dietary changes line up with the physiological differences seen between us and the Sasquatch. Her understanding of plant life cycles is invaluable during field research.

oTammy Lynne​​

Conservationist, avid outdoorswoman, and retired pediatric nurse, Tammy Lynne always believed in the Sasquatch. Tammy comes from a Native American background and experienced several encounters as a child.  She became an advocate for legislative protection of the Wild People after she had a documented healing by one in 2017. She dramatizes her story of living around these elusive people in her book "Wild Imaginations." 


Conference founder Harriett McFeely has led an interesting life exploring, traveling, and researching history. She has had encounters with the Sasquatch in Colorado, and has written two books: "Finding Bigfoot In Kansas" and "Finding Bigfoot in Nebraska" which details the connection between environmental conditions, salt and mineral resources, and suitable wildlife habitat.