Fetish In London Foot Worship

What Fuels Taboos Around Foot Fetishes

Not everyone is into the whole foot fetish thing. In fact, many people are absolutely disgusted by feet and toes, to the point that they can be completely turned off by them.

Why is this?

Public Rules

There are social etiquettes of wearing shoes in public. Aside from culturally in the home, and some places of worship as a sign of respect, going barefoot is typically discouraged. These could easily fuel taboos around the sexualisation of feet. Not to mention their phallic shape offending the more pious historically.


A more obvious reason for people‚Äôs aversion to feet and fetishes for feet could be hygiene related. 

If not looked after they can indeed smell bad, harbour infection, acquire cracked heels, and toenails can become ingrown. Being shamed for the size or shape of their feet and toes can also create feelings of embarrassment and disgust for feet. 


Richards adds that not wanting people to touch, rub, lick or suck your feet can also be a sign that you need to stay in control. Feeling ticklish can be a very vulnerable experience.

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